#GoodNews: Cop Buys Diapers For Mom Accused Of Stealing Them

A rookie Maryland police officer is being recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty by buying diapers for a woman accused of stealing them. A Laurel Police Department Facebook post explains that Officer Bennett Johns responded to a call at a grocery store where a woman was accused of shoplifting $15 worth of diapers.

The mom explained to Johns that she paid for the groceries, but didn’t have enough to cover the two packs of diapers her two-year-old son needs. So after giving her a criminal citation for theft, he decided to pay for the diapers himself.

“This mother was going out of her way and doing everything she can to provide for her kid and I can respect that,” Johns explains. And his department is proud of his actions, writing that they “wanted to take a moment to thank Officer Johns for not just fairly enforcing the law, but also showing empathy to an innocent child put in a difficult situation.”

Source: Fox News

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