Woman Livestreams Accident That Killed Sister


In a world where everything happens online, and we think we’ve seen everything – there always seems to be something that raises the bar. Such is the case with an 18-year-old California woman, who is now facing manslaughter charges after livestreaming while allegedly driving drunk Friday, and broadcasting the ensuing crash to Instagram. The crash killed her 14-year-old sister.

It’s unclear how fast she was going, but Obdulia Sanchez careened through a fence and flipped the 2003 Buick she was driving – ejecting her sister and causing another 14-year-old girl in the car major injuries. They weren't wearing seatbelts. Even more awful, the video recorded the screams and final images of the sister lying in a field.

The video received hundreds of thousands of views – and the CHP is examining the video. Meanwhile, Sanchez is being held on a $300-thousand bond. Officials say she's now declining to discuss the tape as well.

As for Instagram, they’re feeling the heat for the broadcast as well. A spokesperson for the platform says developers are working to improve the live video feature. “We're deeply saddened by this tragedy," they say in a statement. "We urge people to use our reporting tools if they see any content or behavior that puts anyone's safety at risk. We want to interrupt these streams as quickly as possible when they're reported to us, and we will also notify law enforcement if we see a threat that requires an immediate response. We suggest people contact emergency services if they become aware of a situation where the authorities can help.”

Source: NBC News

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