Teen Spends Last $40 On Firefighters After Losing Everything In Fire

After a fire destroyed his family’s Creola, Alabama home, 15-year-old Kenneth Bennett spent his last $40 to buy water for the firefighters. He had been saving the money to take his girlfriend out to dinner for their anniversary, but he wanted to help the hard-working people at the fire department more.

When the man who runs local traffic Facebook page, Mobile Traffic, heard about the teen’s generosity, he reached out to fans of his page to get help treating Kenneth and his girlfriend to dinner. And the community did not let them down. People donated new clothes for Kenneth, a limo ride, and a free meal at a restaurant.

But the high school sophomore doesn’t even think he did anything special. “I just saw the firefighters were down to their last couple of bottled waters and figured it was the least I could do for them putting out our house fire for us,” Kenneth says. But his community recognizes his good deed and gave him a few of their own.

Source: Southern Living

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