Report: Irving Believes LeBron Leaked Word Of Trade Request

LeBron James may not be talking since Kyrie Irving reportedly met with the Cleveland Cavaliers to request a trade. 

But it turns out that LeBron may very well have been talking before he did. 

As in, not to the Cavs, but to the media. 

Of course this comes from Stephen “I like to make soundbytes more than make sense”—A. Smith who says he was told by sources that Irving’s people believe LeBron is the one who leaked information about Irving’s meeting with the Cavs to the press.

“According to my sources, they believe LeBron James had everything to do with news getting out that Kyrie Irving wants to be traded, because Kyrie Irving and his representation and others met with the Cavaliers a couple weeks ago, and not a word got out until recently,” Smith says.“They believe that LeBron James got word of it and was put off by it and leaked it. I’m not going to accuse LeBron of such a thing. I don’t know that to be true at all. But I know that’s what Kyrie Irving believes.”

Funny because, another ESPN reporter, Brian Windhorst—who is one of the networks top NBA guys—broke the original story about Irving wanting out of Cleveland and said James was “blindsided and disappointed” to learn of Irving’s trade request. 

I believe Windhorst—not because my sources tell me as much as my senses do.

Source: NBC Sports

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