Now There’s A Highlighter For Your Lady Parts

We’ve heard of some strange beauty products recently - like eyebrow wigs, for one – but this new one has to be the most out there. You can now get highlighter for your hooha so it can be as shimmery as you want it to be.

Yes, vagina highlighter is an actual product, thanks to The Perfect V's Shades of V Very V Luminizer. That’s a lot of Vs! Their site claims the highlighter adds “luminous iridescent color” to your lady bits, “brightening and minimizing any skin imperfections.” And here we didn’t even know we needed to be worried about these imperfections!

The perfect V company also makes all kinds of other products for your V, like exfoliators, cleansers, and serums. Who knew your privates needed so many products? Apparently, women who want a glow radiating in their undies did.

If this highlighter sounds like something you can’t live without, you’ll be disappointed to know it’s only available in Scandinavia for now. But luckily, there’s a wait list you can join to get all the latest info on the V luminizer.

Source: Allure

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