#GoodNews: He’s Traveling Across The U.S. Spreading Positivity


Dave Sylvester is on a mission. He’s traveling across the country to spread positivity through everyday actions. He carries a sign that reads, “Hi my name is Big Dave” and visits coffee shops, beaches and anywhere a crowd will be to find a hug, a high five, or small talk.

“Big Dave” started his mission of spreading love after his friend died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. He’s biked across three continents and volunteered along the way. He started his U.S. trip in Delaware and headed south, stopping in North Carolina, Georgia, and now he’s heading through Texas.

"I'm just here to make people smile," Sylvester says. "I think if we can at least have a base of communication via a smile and a hug and high five then we can communicate on other issues, and maybe make a difference in the world."

Source: USA Today

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Captain Tony

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