#GoodNews: First Kid To Have Double Hand Transplant Now Plays Baseball


It’s been two years since Zion Harvey made history as the first child in the world to have a double hand transplant. And he’s doing so well, the 10-year-old boy from Baltimore can write, feed and dress himself, and even grip and swing a baseball bat.

Zion had to have his hands and legs below the knee amputated when he was two because of a life-threatening infection. And even though he was without hands from the age of two until he was eight, his brain has rewired to accept the hands as his own, says Dr. Sandra Amaral, a member of the team treating Zion at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“His sensation continues to improve. It’s amazing,” Dr. Amal explains. “Now he can pat his mother’s cheek and feel it.”

Source: BBC

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