#GoodNews: Born Weighing 12-Ounces, Miracle Baby Is Thriving


When Melanie Hollins was trying to be placed on an active transplant list to receive a new kidney, the 42-year-old Oklahoma City woman found out she was pregnant. She has diabetes, high blood pressure and stage 4 kidney failure, so she was totally surprised to learn she was expecting another child.

Emily Rose Hollins was born four months premature and only weighed 12 ounces! “She was so small, and I had never seen a baby that small,” Hollins says. “I wasn’t aware micro-preemies existed until now. It was very hard. She was about the size of a Coke can.”

But even though baby Emily Rose’s chances of survival weren’t good, the tiny girl kept fighting and beating the odds. And now, after five months in the hospital, she’s home with her family. She really is a little medical miracle.

Source: KOCO

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