#GoodNews: Stranger Comforts Boy On International Flight


On an eight-hour international flight from Israel to Brussels, a young boy was really upset and crying loudly. His wailing was starting to upset other people on the plane, so after realizing how mortified the boy’s mom must be, passenger Rochel Groner decided to offer help.

“Finally, I just got out of my seat," Groner explains. "I went to the aisle where he was sitting. I just put out my hand. It was surreal. I didn’t know what I was doing. There are tears streaming down his face. He put out his hand. I just put him on my lap and just gave him a gentle but firm hug and started to rock him and he was quiet."

The two of them doodled on air sickness bags, passing the time quietly as the boy calmed down and relaxed. Other passengers relaxed too and everyone’s flight was better because this kind stranger helped a very upset young traveler.

SourceInside Edition

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