Umpire Chris Segal Hit In Head By Bat, Remains In Game


A couple of weeks ago we were telling you that Joe West may be the toughest umpire in the game after he was it in the head by a baseball thrown from the stands.

But he may have to yield that title—for now at least—to umpire Chris Segal.

Because yesterday he wasn’t hit in the head with a ball, but a bat.

And that bat wasn’t thrown from the stands but instead by former AL MVP Josh Donaldson who was standing right front of him.

It happened in last night’s game between the Red Sox and Blue Jays in the top of the very first inning when Donaldson swung at a pitch from Boston pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez and lost the grip on his bat. The bat went behind Donaldson and caught Segal squarely on the head.

And if you listen to the first few seconds of this clip, you will hear an absolutely horrific sound.

Thankfully instead of cracked skull, Segal actually cracked a smile and stayed in the game!

Source: Larry Brown Sports

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