MUST SEE: Pregnant Model Still Has A Six-Pack

When women get pregnant they expect their body to change dramatically, but that’s not the case for a model whose pregnancy body is bound to make most women...okay, ANY woman...jealous.

Sarah Stage is pregnant with her second child and just posted a picture of her six-month baby bump, which shows her still clearly defined abs. 

As you can imagine, most folks on the web are up in arms, with comments ranging from “what bump” to “I am so confused as to how this is possible” as well as, “six months pregnant? You are lying.” 

This isn’t the first time 33-year-old Sarah has caused such a hubbub on social media. She posted a similar picture when she was pregnant with her first child, with people noting it was “f—ing weird” and that she needed to “go to a doctor.” 

Check out Sarah’s latest photo here or below

Source: New York Post

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