#GoodNews: Toddler Gets Life-Saving Triple Organ Transplant


It has been a rough couple of years for little Evie Fairman, but things are finally looking up. At two, she was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a rare type of liver cancer that only one in a million children have. She’s had chemo, but the cancer returned. And now, after a long fight, she’s just had a triple organ transplant that should leave her cancer-free.

The three-year-old from Iowa is recovering from a liver, small bowel, and pancreas transplant and everything went well and doctors think little Evie will be moved from intensive care soon. She’ll need a few more rounds of chemo, but things look positive.

“For her to have these organs, some other parents had to lose a loved one and it is because of their compassion that Evie is able to get this chance,” says her mom, Taylor Fairman. “It’s something to admire … Someone that has compassion and kindness to truly help others when they are going through a loss.”

Want to help Evie? You can donate here.


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