Mom Shoots Adorable Pics Of Daughter With Veggies, Fruits And More

We know moms love taking, and sharing, pictures of their adorable children, but one Turkish mom is at least making her kid's pics a little more fun.

Turkish mom Alya Chaglar has created a series of photos with her three-year-old daughter Stefani in which she inserts food and/or flowers to make it look like the tot is actually wearing them as clothes.  Pictures include Stefani with a lettuce leaf dress, a broccoli dress, as well as one with a banana peal serving as a tube dress.

“She loves modeling, she enjoys the process and loves to look at her pictures afterwards,” Alya says. “For me these pictures are more about Stefani’s personality, not about the dresses.”

And apparently Stefani isn’t the only one who likes them. Alya’s Instagram page already has more than 20,000 folks checking it out. Check out some of the photos below.

Source: New York Post

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