#GoodNews: Sick Kids Learn To Grow And Cook Healthy Food From This Chef


Thanks to chef and restaurant owner Troy Guard, some kids at National Jewish Health hospital in Denver are learning to love what kids usually don’t like: vegetables. These kids have chronic illnesses like cystic fibrosis and asthma and they’re students at a special school at the hospital called Morgridge Academy where they learn to manage their health along with academics.

Guard has created a garden where the kids learn how to grow veggies and how to cook healthy meals with them. "We want to put good things into our bodies,” he explains, “and my hope to is that it will help with what's going on with them as well.”

A lot of the students come from disadvantaged homes where fresh produce is scarce and fast food is what’s for dinner. But Guard takes them to one of his 11 restaurants to teach them how fun cooking is and that better food leads to better health.

Source: CBS News

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