The People Behind "Tiger King" Are Documenting Siegfried & Roy?

 There's talk that"Tiger King"will shift its focus to SIEGFRIED & ROY for a second batch of episodes . . . but nothing is official yet.

The people behind"Tiger King"are ramping up production on a follow-up season that will go beyond Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

And the new episodes may take on the 2003 mauling incident that ended SIEGFRIED & ROY's Las Vegas show.

Very sadly, Las Vegas Legend ROY HORN just died of complications from the coronavirus last Friday. But supposedly, this was in the works before that . . . and if you're looking for a next chapter after taking on Joe Exotic, Siegfried & Roy would be a logical step.

The"Hollywood Reporter" says he new season would, quote, "act as a higher-minded corrective" to the first seven episodes, which have been criticized by some for glorifying animal abuse.

But a spokesperson for the show's production company is denying they're going to switch to a "more conservational" approach with future episodes.

To be clear, these new episodes are different from the upcoming"Tiger King"projects involving Kate McKinnon,Nicolas Cage, and Rob Lowe.