Viral Video Shows 'Angry' Snake On Hood Of Car Driving On Highway

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A viral video shows an "angry" snake riding on the windshield of a couple's car while traveling on an Australian highway.

The video, which was shared on TikTok by Kerry Jenkins, shows the snake appear from the hood of the vehicle and move its head side to side as the car continues driving.

"We were on holidays at Darlington Beach, 30kms north of Coffs Harbour, travelling home to Forster," Jenkins wrote in a followup TikTok, which showed that the snake was still hanging onto the car. "We had been on the road for 250ks, 30ks from home on the Pacific Highway, when we noticed a little yellow head. I grabbed the phone & started recording. We didn't know what to do!

"We assumed it would just fly off, & didn't think it would have held on for so long. We knew the turn off wasn't far away, & wanted to be safe off the highway before we pulled over."

(WARNING: The video below contains foul language).

Jenkins said the snake was still hanging onto the front grill of the vehicle after they had pulled over to check on it.

"Once we pulled over we could see it was still hanging onto to the front grill. It slid onto the ground & then back up into the under motor," Jenkins wrote. "A fellow helped us look, with no success. You can see in 2nd video.

"We continued to drive home, and looked again on and off over the next few hours. With a torch we ended up seeing him, and my son tried to catch him and get him out and he darted back into the motor. Again unsuccessful."

Jenkins said they waited overnight and checked again the following morning to see if the snake was still hanging onto the vehicle, but couldn't find the reptile, assuming it had "got out and escaped."

Jenkins said her partner later popped the hood of the car -- which happened while they weren't filming -- and found the snake sitting inside of the car's motor.

"My partner dropped the bonnet afraid (massive snake phobia)," Jenkins wrote. "I opened it back up and we could see his tail sliding back into a crevice."

No additional details were provided as of Monday (December 5).

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