Video Shows Girl Crying Over Joe Burrow, Bengals After Dental Procedure

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A Cincinnati Bengals fan has gone viral for her tearful post-dental procedure rant about the team, specifically quarterback Joe Burrow and injured stars Ja'Marr Chase and Joe Mixon.

Haven Wolfe shared a video of herself captured last week prior to the Bengals' 20-16 road win against the Tennessee Titans in Week 12, which shows her professing her love for Burrow, expressing concerns over Chase's injury status and stressing about the team's next upcoming matchups, which also includes this weekend's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, all while apparently crying hysterically amid the apparent affects of anesthesia from her wisdom teeth removal.

"I had my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. 'Apparently' these are my thoughts going into Week 11... Go Bengals! 🖤🧡 @bengals," Wolfe wrote in her Instagram caption.

In the video, Wolfe's mother is heard saying that her daughter's "Joe Burrow jersey came in handy today," with Wolfe responding that she didn't wear "the pretty one" because "I didn't think I should."

"I know he's got a girlfriend and I'm happy for him but I'm not happy for me in that situation," Wolfe said while crying hysterically over Burrow and referencing his relationship with his long-time girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher.

"He's pretty, but dangit, he's talented and let's be honest, I go for ambition not looks," Wolfe added.

Wolfe then turned her attention to the Bengals injury concerns, specifically the uncertainty of when Chase will return from a hip injury -- which he's expected to return from for the Bengals' game against Kansas City this weekend.

"We play the Titans on Sunday and Ja'Marr Chase isn't even a sure thing and I miss him," Wolfe said. "But then, even if we get past that one, well then we've got the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes and he's so good and everyone knows it. And he makes those Subway commercials.

Wolfe then expresses her concerns about once again losing to the Cleveland Browns, who she points out have beaten Joe Burrow in every matchup of his three-year career despite being "historically the worst franchise in NFL history."

Wolfe then continues to address the team's injuries, pointing out that starting running back Mixon wasn't expected to -- and inevitably didn't -- play in last week's win in Nashville due to a concussion before once again ranting about Chase's status.

"They said they were going to let him practice and that doesn't mean he's going to play and should he play? I don't know, I'm not a doctor. I never have been."

The Bengals is currently on a three-game winning streak ahead of Sunday's game against the Chiefs and next week's game against the Browns, both of which will be played at Paycor Stadium.

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