Neal Schon Breaks Silence On Legal Battle Against Jonathan Cain

Photo: Getty Images

Neal Schon is speaking out about his newly filed lawsuit against Journey bandmate Jonathan Cain. In a Facebook post that also shared a headline about the news, Schon wrote to fans:

"The only comment I’ll make at this time is it’s all very unfortunate and tried for over a year to attain all our corporate records for Nomota with many personal e-mails to Jon as well as many legal letter stating it’s my legal right to see all but I was left with no choice but to take it legal," he wrote.

"There’s much more … since I filed I’ll be following my attorneys advice and not speak until we are in court where I’ll not have a problem at all." Schon added, "It is what it is," before signing off as "NS."

Page Six broke the news about the new legal war which involves Cain allegedly keeping the existence of an American Express card that "millions of Journey funds have" allegedly "flowed through" from Schon.

The guitarist filed the suit in Contra Costa in the Bay Area of California and his attorneys also claim that Cain hasn't given financial records that would allow him to know how much the band owes him. Page Six also reports that Cain and Schon set up a company that operates the band called Nomota, and they each own 50 percent.

Schon also claimed he only found out about the card because American Express told him it existed. Court documents go on to say that Cain allegedly keeps telling Schon he'll get access to the card but never ends up adding him to it.

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