Tom DeLonge Shows Off Special Fanmade Angels & Airwaves Birthday Gift

It's never fun getting older, but Tom DeLonge was especially appreciative after receiving a heartfelt, fanmade gift for his 44th birthday on Friday (December 13). The Angels & Airwaves frontman took to Instagram to personally thank a fan for compiling a book of live photos taken by concert goers during the band's first tour in seven years over the summer.

"I want to thank my fans at the AVA® movement! They are so kind, so supportive, and they make me feel like what I do matters," he captioned a gallery of hand-picked selections from the book. "Amazingly, they assembled photos from all over the country that fans took of our return to the stage with angels and airwaves this summer. They put all of these photos into a book for my birthday, and I just cannot thank them enough. This will sit on my coffee table in my living room for now on. They have been so wonderful to our band, I want you all to know that they make us feel very L)VED :) thank you @melissa.yoder for your coordination of these inspirational gift. 🚀"

Melissa shared a post of her own, sharing her gratitude that DeLonge would take the time to personally thank her and share photos she curated. Check out both posts below.

AVA is currently on a winter tour. Tickets are available now.

Photo: Getty Images