Greece Vows To Protect Santorini Donkeys Following Tommy Lee's Letter

A guide leads a group of tourists on don

A guide leads a group of tourists on don

The Greek government says it will take steps to further restrict the use of donkeys and mules as 'taxis' by tourists in Santorini amid concerns over mistreatment of the animals.

Among those urging Greece to enforce its laws protecting the animals was Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, who addressed the issue in a letter to officials there, reports the Daily Mail.

Lee, who was born in Athens, Greece, called out the "sickening abuse of broken-down donkeys and mules made to lug tourists up steep hills on Santorini."

Greek minister of Agriculture Makis Voridis explained in a response issued this week that authorities are working to impose fines of up to €30,000 for mistreatment of the animals following local and international outcry.

Lee suggested tourists on the Aegean isle use Santorini's cable car to get up the hills instead of piling "on to struggling donkeys, who are forced to carry humans up and down the 500 steps from the port to Firá's old town several times a day."

Voridis responded to Lee's letter, saying, "The welfare of productive animals, working animals and generally all the animals of our country is a major concern for me personally and for our Ministry."

This isn't the first time the infamous rocker has weighed on on animals rights issues abroad.

In 2017, Lee urged tourists to reconsider running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. He noted that tourism is all that's keeping the tradition going, as most Spaniards have abandoned it over ethical concerns.

He argued that running with the bulls "isn't a test of nerve and resolve. It's a display of human idiocy and cruelty."

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