Marcus Mumford Reveals The Only Two Christmas Songs He'd Consider Covering

'Tis the season for holiday music, and we're sure we're not the only ones who would be ecstatic if Mumford & Sons contributed a song to the holiday music canon; however, according to Marcus Mumford there are two Christmas songs, and two songs only, that he would ever consider covering. During a recent chat with Billboard, he revealed what those two festive tunes are.

"Mariah Carey 'All I Want for Christmas,' without a doubt," he said without question. "There are only two acceptable Christmas songs in my opinion: That one and [The Pogues']​ 'Fairytale of New York.' All the others are completely unacceptable."

Though the folk-rockers have actually covered the Christmas classic live with Kylie Minogue, we're all for a recorded version. Until then, we can be satisfied listening to the band's most recent single "Blind Leading the Blind" and amping up our holiday playlist with some of our favorite alternative Christmas songs.

As for what we can expect from Mumford & Sons in 2020, Marcus revealed they're working on a film and accompanying music. "We're actually going to release a film and some music to go with it about our trip to Senegal with Baaba Maal, who we collaborated with on the Johannesburg EP and we toured with a bunch," he said. "And we finally got around, after many years of being invited to his hometown of Podor, which is a 12-hour drive from the capital of Dakar. And it's a very small town on the river of Senegal and people from four or five different countries come and there's a sort of great meeting of minds in the desert. I think we're the first western band to play it. And we went and recorded some music in our little courtyard of the hotel we stayed at, little guest house. We went to Baaba's house, recorded some music there. And it was just one of the most extraordinary experiences we've had."

"We like to try and do different things and see the world differently," he continued. "That was up there on our hit list. It was great and we made a film with Kevin MacDonald, and Maggie Rogers came along for the ride. And it's something we're really proud of. We've just been finishing up the music for it at last. So that's sort of spring."

Photo: Gavin Batty