Korn's Jonathan Davis Explains Why Led Zeppelin Is So Important To Him



Legendary alternative metal band Korn has a new album of original material, The Nothing, coming out later this year. But front man Jonathan Davis thinks the band will eventually do a covers record, too.

In an interview with Kerrang!, in which he confirmed The Nothing, Davis noted that Korn has several covers in its repertoire that don't always make it into the live set list.

One band that will surely be represented on a potential tribute release is Led Zeppelin. Davis explained how hearing "Whole Lotta Love" was a watershed moment for him as a child.

"Led Zeppelin was the groove," Davis began. "It was that rhythm section with John Bonham, that band just — how Bonham and John Paul Jones... the bass rushed and the drums lagged. How they created that crazy rhythm section and how Robert Plant just sings so beautifully over it, it moved your soul."

He recalled his aunt showing him "Whole Lotta Love," and how after she died, he kept "the console I heard my first Led Zeppelin record on."

"And I have it in my studio, and I look at it for inspiration because that started me down my whole path," he continued. "Those little tangible things that I can see and hold really inspire me."

Korn is on tour now through August. Get all the tour dates here.

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