Trump Threatens to Dump Central American Aid

The migrant caravan from Central America continues to make its way north on its way to the US/Mexico border. President Trump also continues to express his displeasure and push his immigration policy blaming the caravan on Democrats, calling some of the migrant’s criminals and unknown Middle Easterners, and vowing to cut financial aid to the countries they are fleeing from. Ted Hesson, Immigration Reporter for Politico, joins us to discuss the caravan and its impact just before the midterm elections.

Next, the health and wellness industry is booming, but the problem is, we are still fatter than ever. Despite promises made by gyms, fitness programs, and fad foods, Americans diets are still terrible. Stef Kight, demographics reporter for Axios, joins us to talk about how much fast food we eat and how our bodies are living in an environment that really supports obesity.

Finally, that hack that Facebook announced last month, was not done by some nefarious nation-state, rather it was done by spammers looking to make money through deceptive advertising. The problem is, you shouldn’t rest any easier knowing it was spammers. My producer Miranda joins us to talk about how all of your personal data will only increase scams and spamming campaigns and make them more profitable.



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