It’s no surprise that there are tons of hot chicks floating around Instagram. Two of them that are just amazing to gawk at are models Sara Underwood and Tina Louise (no…not the “Gilligan’s Island” chick The Most Interesting Man In The World banged). The two hotties just shot a video while in their undies talking about the best ways to pick them up.

In it, you’ll find some advice that would work for them, but you might also find useful. Sara likes “country boys” and says that “every guy” has a shot. Tina likes tattoos and man buns. She’s also a fan of the “chase” and says that the best way to pick her up is to start talking to her best friend. That’s when the ‘why not me’ thing kicks in.

Then there are the tidbits that you can use for actual “attainable” women. Adventurous first dates are highly recommended, but stay away from things like long hikes. If you’re not connecting, then you’ve got to walk all the way back with that person and it can be miserable. Finally, stay away from the schlong pics. It’s not exactly the first impression she’s looking for. Save it for when she actually asks for it and might want it. Happy hunting!

Source: Maxim