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Booty Pics Galore

Three shades of white chocolate that work for their bodies washing off post beach photoshoot in Miami 😂 Tag your your booty squad partners 🍑 My girls @tamra__d...
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Bubba Watson is making golf less boring.

Bubba Watson and Oakley are teaming up to make golf more exciting. I'd give anything to take one of these out on the course. 
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McLaren Gets Window Smashed By Skateboard

McLaren's are going to set you back at least a quarter of a million dollars, so I assume the windshields are pretty damn expensive as well.  Even though the smashing happens off camera, you...
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Idiot Playing Pokemon Go Crashes In To Cop Car

Pokemon Go is pretty much the hottest thing on the planet and in an attempt to catch them all, this dude decided to play the game while driving.  That decision proved to be a terrible one as...
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Hot Chick: Melissa Riso

Last day in #Miami 😭 I'm coming back to #LA super #tan 👯 A photo posted by Melissa Riso (@melissariso) on Jul 13, 2015 at 4:02pm PDT...
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The Demon takes a serious spill.

Everyone knows that Stansbury has a weird love affair with all things KISS but even he had to laugh at this.
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Gross Ear Wax Cleaning

I'd assume you clean your ears out every now and then, but if you don't, let this video serve as a warning to what can happen. { "position1" : { "type" : "live", "id" : 3294, "name" :...
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MMA Bro Gets Skull Crushed By Flying Knee

Cyborg Santos took some serious damage when he fought Michael Venom Page, and caught on flying knee to the face.  You can see the damage done and the aftermath below....
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Hot Chicks With Big Boobs

#Repost casting for @lasulaboutique today 💃 A photo posted by Holly Peers (@hollyjadepeers) on Mar 11, 2015 at 8:53am PDT Off out...
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Store Clerk Calmly Grabs Gun From Robber

You pull a gun on most people and they are just going to do what you say, but this clerk is not most people.  This gun gets pointed right at him and he grabs it, holds it and wrestles it away...
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