Lock up your guns and sex toys!

New Kingsman trailer looks bad a$$!

sperm extraction machine!

Hygiene! For the love of God!


The Basics:Hobbies:  Kicking man ass at Pool and Blackjack (guys hate to lose to a girl I've found)Favorite Movies:  One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Sling Blade, High Fidelity, Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers (best love story), Very Bad Things, Clock Work Orange....the list goes on and on...I am a movie buff.Favorite Music:  Well, I do like me some Shania and Clarkson...No really I'm a rock chic.  My favorite era was the 90's rock and alternative.  To venture beyond the obvious, I like Van Morrison "Into the Mystic" while drinking a glass of wine and contiplating life.Favorite Drink:  Speaking of wine!  I am a wine buff, and no, I'm not the snooty pinky up wine drinker.  If it's not Pinot Noir in my glass it may be a beer or whiskey and seven (but I do like to stay away from the booze, makes me all crazy like).Favorite Celebrity: Based on hottness...Megan Fox hands down!  Angelina Johlie, Scarlett Johanson, Catherine Zeta Jones and for good measure..Jared Leto.Skills:  I am told I have many ;)..... the random ones:  I can juggle, do a few crazy Yoga moves, hold my alcohol like a gentlemen, shuffle poker chips (makes me look like I know what I'm doing), move my eyes independantly, and swing dance.Some how we managed to get pretty buzzed ten minutes into the pary bus ride to NIN, no wonder I ended up at the strip club that night....How they get us to "volunteer" at public events:  FREE BEER!!


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