Brent Franklin decided to embarrass his thieving employee instead of turn him over to the cops. The Montgomery County, Texas man owns a construction company and invited 17-year-old Mark Anthony Doyle to live with him so he could mentor him, help him get his life on track and help him save money. After a trip out of town, Franklin came home and discovered a damaged Rolex watch and several thousand dollars worth of high-end items missing. Not only did Doyle steal the items, but he lied about it. So, Franklin forced Doyle to hold a sign on a busy intersection that reads, "I stole and lied to my boss ... This is to keep my head right." Adding insult to machismo injury, Franklin also forced Doyle to wear a pink shirt and lipstick. For what it's worth, Doyle said he's learned his lesson. 

Source: Click 2 Houston