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Pic Of A Dead Woman Won’t Stop Showing Up On Guy’s Phone

Super creepy footage of a dead woman’s picture that keeps on popping up on a guy’s iPhone whenever he launches the camera. He doesn’t know who she is — but she won’t...
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NSFW: LFL Coach Gives Us The Most Profanity Ridden Halftime Speech Ever

The Legends Football League might be all about sexy ladies in lingerie tackling each other — but this video is about something else. Austin Acoustics head coach, Jericho Harris, went on a...
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Toronto Raptors Players Spotted Out Late at Casino Night Before Playoffs

For those who don’t know, Game Five was no go for the Toronto Raptors. They got decimated by the Cleveland Cavaliers 116-78. To make matters worse two players were spotted out at a...
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Kid Throws Down With Armed Robbers At Game Stop

Note to bad guys: kids in Maryland are tough. A Game Stop in Silver Spring was being robbed last weekend when a seven-year-old kid decided that he was going to throw fists with the two...
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There Are Secret Fight Clubs In U.K. Prisons

How do prison guards pass the time? Well, according to  some new cell phone footage  smuggled out of a British prison, they watch prisoners beat each other’s...
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Hottie In A Bikini Squats Another Hottie In A Bikini

She has good...form. 
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Riding A Roller Coaster Blind

Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, humorously describes his experience while riding the West Coaster roller coaster on the famous Santa Monica Pier.
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Police Deliver Pizza After Delivery Man Gets Injured

Folks in Lincoln Park, Michigan really love pizza. How do we know? Police Corporal  Joe Sparks  recently went deliciously above and beyond the call of duty. He...
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Durex Condoms Take Away Couples Tech To See What Happens

Durex Condoms sends couples on vacation and takes away all of their tech and anything with a plug. What will people do with their time? Spoiler, it’s sex, lots and lots of sex.
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Dude With Melon Sized Face Tumor Has It Removed

We have all had those weird aches and pains that we just live with,mainly out of laziness, but  Ian Crown  takes the cake after living with a slow growing...
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