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With all the talk about "going green," nobody has figured out how to eliminate all those throwaway pizza boxes that end up in the landfill … until now. A Brooklyn pizzeria has answered our...
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Douchebag Del Taco Manager Fired After Ranting at Customer on Video

In Arizona, the manager of a Del Taco restaurant went on  a hostile rant with some customers in the drive-thru , calling them names and pretty much just being a...
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Navy Seals Wear a GoPro While They Parachute Into Football Stadium

Check out this first person action from a Navy Seal wearing a GoPro while parachuting into a stadium.
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NFL Network Cuts to Commercial After Analysts Can’t Stop Laughing About Beavers and Bush

The NFL Draft wrapped up over the weekend. Amazingly, it has become a spectacle and a ratings juggernaut, despite the fact that it’s just people reading off names – and then...
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Ezekiel Elliott: First NFL Rookie to Get Snapped By a Groupie in Bed

Being a first-round pick in the NFL Draft has its perks as well as its disadvantages – and new Dallas Cowboy and former Ohio State star running back  Ezekiel...
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Dream Job: This Woman’s Job Is to Watch Porn All Day

A woman in Bulgaria actually gets paid to watch porn from the time she punches in for work to the time she punches out. Sylvia Nikolova  works for the...
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Air Drum Workout

The newest workout in L.A. involves playing air drums.
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Hot Girls’ Breasts Make Great Paint Brush

In case you missed it, American artist  Daniel Gill has created a series of work  using prints of women's breasts . The work, titled “Nipples of...
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Ezekiel Elliott’s Half-Shirt Steals the NFL Draft Show

Ohio State running back  Ezekiel Elliott had a huge night last night. He was chosen #4 overall by the Dallas Cowboys. And, he won the pre-game hype game by ...
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A Computer Update Hilariously Interrupts A Weather Report

A weather report was hilariously interrupted an update notification from Windows. 
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